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  • Host Cassandra Database.
  • Install Visual Studio 2010.
  • In (Web.config):
    • Change the e-mail from send emails (key="fromEmail").
    • Set ApplicationName by your application name.
    • Set ConnectionString to connect to your Cassandra.
    • Set UserIsOnlineTimeWindow. It is seconds. Using by Membership Provider.
    • Set ReplicationFactor. It is Cassandra parameter.
    • Set UserIsActiveTimeWindow. It is seconds. Using by Profile Provider.
  • Initialize the application for the first time by click url: "  To create Cassandra tables and Admin account. Click here".
  • Sign in with the Admin user (default user name is "admin" and default password is "cassandra2014"). It is defined in Web.config file.
  • You should probably change the statickey appsetting in the web.config file before going public since this is the encryption key, or use machine key instead.
  • If you have problems with find providers by your application, look at: Cofigure ASP.NET MVC4

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